Paparazzi and children

Celebrity photographs have always been a hot commodity. Whether it’s getting a shot of the hot new celebrity couple or catching a star in an embarrassing situation, paparazzi have been making a lot of money off of celebrity photographs. If a picture taken of a celebrity in a compromising situation happens in a public spot, like in front of a night club, it’s fair game. I think, in most cases, celebrities know where they can go to avoid the paparazzi ambush. But celebrities and their young children should be off-limits, especially if they aren’t out in public. Halle Berry is upset that photos of her and her 4-month-old daughter hit the Internet and two magazines. Berry claims the photographs were taken from her backyard, according to CNN. In a statement to the Associated Press, Berry said: “I have long since come to terms with the fact that choosing a career as an actress has made me a public figure, but my baby has made no such choice, and unless and until she does, I will do everything I can … to keep her out of the public eye.”

Though many celebrities who have recently had children, including Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Mcconaughey and Jamie Lynn Spears, posed (and in many cases sold) pictures of the family to various magazines, Berry opted not to do that.  Photographs of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s twins are expected to fetch millions of dollars, which the couple has previously said would be donated to charity.


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