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“All in the Timing” will be TWO’s first show of the 08-09 season

Theatre Workshop of Owensboro’s first show of the 2008-09 season is “All in the Timing.” The collection of six, one-act pieces opens Friday night at TWO, 407 W. Fifth St. The show continues Saturday night, then runs Sept. 5-7 and  12-13. For tickets, call 683-5333 .

According to a synopsis from TWO: This play is a celebration of excellent crafted language, unusual characters in hilarious situations, and is a real crowd pleaser. As the name implies, All in the Timing is not merely a reference to chronemics but the skilled timing the actors must use to make this play “tick”. David Ives six short sketches provide a wide assortment of characters, ranging from Leon Trotsky to an underhanded scam artist, typing apes to a bungling four person chorus, and couples that just don’t seem to communicate effectively. Some mature language is used, but nothing too gratuitous in nature. A long running Off-Broadway hit, it has been staged all over the United States and remains popular long after it’s New York run ended in 1995. 


SURE THINGa classic of contemporary comedy: Two people meet in a cafe and find their way through a conversational minefield as an offstage bell interrupts their false starts, gaffes, and faux pas on the way to falling in love. 

WORDS, WORDS, WORDS recalls the philosophical adage that three monkeys typing into infinity will sooner or later produce HAMLET and asks: What would monkeys talk about at their typewriters?

THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGEbrings together Dawn, a young woman with a stutter, and Don, the creator and teacher of Unamunda, a wild comic language. Their lesson sends them off into a dazzling display of hysterical verbal pyrotechnics—and, of course, true love.

PHILIP GLASS BUYS A LOAF OF BREADis a parodic musical vignette in trademark Glassian style, with the celebrated composer having a moment of existential crisis in a bakery.

THE PHILADELPHIA presents a young man in a restaurant who has fallen into “a Philadelphia,” a Twilight Zone-like state in which he cannot get anything he asks for. His only way out of the dilemma? To ask for the opposite of what he wants.

VARIATIONS ON THE DEATH OF TROTSKY shows us the Russian revolutionary on the day of his demise, desperately trying to cope with the mountain-climber’s axe he’s discovered in his head.


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New judge joining ‘Idol’ panel

American Idol is adding a new judge for the eighth season of the show. Kara DioGuardi, a Grammy-nominated song writer, will join the panel that includes Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, People Magazine  reports.

“We are turning the heat up on Idol this year and are thrilled to welcome Kara to the judges’ table,” show creator Simon Fuller said in a statement released Monday. “She is a smart, sassy lady, and one of America’s most successful songwriters. We know she will bring a new level of energy and excitement to the show.”

Many musicians, including Gwen Stefani and Santana, have recorded DioGuardi’s songs.

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Local group to protest “Tropic Thunder”

Ben Stiller’s latest film Tropic Thunder has drawn criticism from many groups who work with people with intellectual disabilities because of its use of the word “retard.” Many have called for people to boycott the film. The Green River Area Down Syndrome Association (GRADSA) plans to protest the film from 4 to 8 p.m. Friday in front of the Malco Theatre on South Frederica Street.

According to a GRADSA press release, “Tropic Thunder repeatedly uses the word “retard” and portrays people with intellectual disabilities in a demeaning way. This protest is part of a nationwide campaign to eliminate the derogatory use of the R-word in today’s society and to promote acceptance and inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. We ask that people show their support by taking ACTION; stop using the word, let others know you disapprove of its use when you hear it, don’t support entertainment that promotes the use of the word, and most importantly, reach out and include a person with an intellectual disability in your community.”


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Britney Spears and the VMAs

When Britney Spears performed at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, her act was panned by bloggers and media. It was one of the most talked about performances since the show began more than two decades ago. Her performance of “Gimme More” has more than 3 million hits, and it was probably a sign of some of the struggles the pop star was going through last year.

But Spears looks like she could be about to regain her status as a pop music princess. She’s been nominated for Video of the Year and a couple of other awards for “Piece of Me,”  and she’s appearing in promotional spots with VMA host Russell Brand.

CNN reports that  Spears’ nominations are ironic considering the neither the song nor the album from which it came, “Blackout,” were significant hits; both were released amid Spears’ spectacular public decline over the past year, and her performance at last year’s VMAs in Las Vegas represented one of the lowlights of her fall from grace. She was universally ridiculed for her unkempt look and sloppy performance, which kicked off the VMAs and instantly became one of pop’s classic moments.

I might find a place to tune into the VMAs this year if Spears does perform — or at least check it out on YouTube minutes after the performance.

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Sorry Harry Potter fans

Folks who have a copy of Entertainment Weekly’s fall movie preview also have the magazine’s self-described “Dewey Beats Truman” collectible. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princeis featured on the cover. Unfortunately Warner Brothers, who is distributing the film and shares a parent company with Entertainment Weekly, didn’t let editors know in time that the sixth installment of the Harry Potter film franchise has been postponed until next July. 

The move was supposed to open in November.

Entertainment Weekly’s early look at the new Harry Potter moviejust a got a whole lot earlier. In a last-minute move, Warner Bros. has just announced that the studio is pulling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from its fall lineup and rescheduled it for July 17, 2009. In an irony sure to set blogger hearts beating giddily, the film graces the cover of EW’s new fall preview issue, which hits stands today (Aug. 14). EW and Warner Bros. share a parent company, but they clearly do not share, you know, important friggin’ information.

Harry Potter fans upset about the release being pushed back have a couple of options to let their opinions be known.  More than 33,000 people have signed a petition at PetitionSpot, upset about the film’s delay. People can also visit Accio Dumbledore’s Army to fill out a form e-mail that is being sent to Warner Brothers executives and several media outlets.

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Freeman in serious condition after car accident

Several media outletsare reporting that Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman is in serious condition after a car accident Sunday night north of Ruleville, Miss. He was airlifted to the Regional Medical Center in Memphis. According to TMZ, a celebrity gossip and entertainment news Web site: One source tells TMZ that Freeman has broken several ribs and injured his knee. His female passenger, we’re told, had to be cut out of the car using the Jaws of Life. A source says she’s suffering from bumps and bruises, but is “all in all in good condition.”
TMZ is also reporting that Freeman might have fallen asleep at the wheel and that the car flipped several times.

Freeman won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for “Million Dollar Baby” and can be seen in “The Dark Knight.”

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Meet the twins

I am shocked that I was just able to load People Magazine’s  Web site. The magazine revealed the cover shot for its Aug. 4 issue, which features Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their twins, Vivienne and Knox. In the top corner is a photo of their first biological child, Shiloh. The Web site also says they’ll have 19 pages of coverage of the twins in Monday’s issue. Several media outlets are reporting that People paid $14 million for the shots, and the money is supposed to go to charity.

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