Britney Spears and the VMAs

When Britney Spears performed at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, her act was panned by bloggers and media. It was one of the most talked about performances since the show began more than two decades ago. Her performance of “Gimme More” has more than 3 million hits, and it was probably a sign of some of the struggles the pop star was going through last year.

But Spears looks like she could be about to regain her status as a pop music princess. She’s been nominated for Video of the Year and a couple of other awards for “Piece of Me,”  and she’s appearing in promotional spots with VMA host Russell Brand.

CNN reports that  Spears’ nominations are ironic considering the neither the song nor the album from which it came, “Blackout,” were significant hits; both were released amid Spears’ spectacular public decline over the past year, and her performance at last year’s VMAs in Las Vegas represented one of the lowlights of her fall from grace. She was universally ridiculed for her unkempt look and sloppy performance, which kicked off the VMAs and instantly became one of pop’s classic moments.

I might find a place to tune into the VMAs this year if Spears does perform — or at least check it out on YouTube minutes after the performance.


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