Sorry Harry Potter fans

Folks who have a copy of Entertainment Weekly’s fall movie preview also have the magazine’s self-described “Dewey Beats Truman” collectible. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Princeis featured on the cover. Unfortunately Warner Brothers, who is distributing the film and shares a parent company with Entertainment Weekly, didn’t let editors know in time that the sixth installment of the Harry Potter film franchise has been postponed until next July. 

The move was supposed to open in November.

Entertainment Weekly’s early look at the new Harry Potter moviejust a got a whole lot earlier. In a last-minute move, Warner Bros. has just announced that the studio is pulling Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from its fall lineup and rescheduled it for July 17, 2009. In an irony sure to set blogger hearts beating giddily, the film graces the cover of EW’s new fall preview issue, which hits stands today (Aug. 14). EW and Warner Bros. share a parent company, but they clearly do not share, you know, important friggin’ information.

Harry Potter fans upset about the release being pushed back have a couple of options to let their opinions be known.  More than 33,000 people have signed a petition at PetitionSpot, upset about the film’s delay. People can also visit Accio Dumbledore’s Army to fill out a form e-mail that is being sent to Warner Brothers executives and several media outlets.


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