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The Black Keys

With all the one-hit-wonders who revolve through top 40 music each year, I always have trouble keeping up with who the current, hip musicians are. Plus, I listen almost exclusively to classic rock radio and my MP3 player. Though classic rock is usually playing on my MP3 player, one current band that is in heavy rotation is Akron, Ohio’s The Black Keys

The Black Keys are a two-man band featuring guitarist-vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney. The band’s latest album “Attack and Release” came out in April and was produced Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley. The video for “Strange Times,”  one of the first singles released off the album, is also amazing. Earlier this year, they performed “I Got Mine from “Attack and Release” on “Late Night with David Letterman.

According to Reuters, ZZ Top is interested in working with The Black Keys.

The Black Keys will be coming close to Owensboro several times in October, including Louisville on Oct. 7, Nashville on Oct. 8 and Covington on Oct. 10.


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The end of a MTV era

Full Disclosure: I no longer have cable, so maybe things have changed, but in the past 10 years, about the only way you would see a music video on MTV was to catch Total Request Live. I remember when the show first began with host Carson Daly, sitting in a dark room. Actually, I think the show started as just “Total Request.” It wasn’t even live yet. As the show evolved, Daly was moved to MTV’s stellar Times Square studios. Then new, hosts were brought in, and if you were lucky, you would see about 40 seconds to a minute of your favorite video.

But now, people won’t even get to see that. TRL, as it better known, is going off the air in November after 10 years.  According to the Associated Press, rapper Eminem said in a statement: “I’m going to miss ‘TRL.’ … Where else will I be able to start feuds, defend my honor vigorously and act like an angry teenager on national TV? Oh wait … The VMAs!”

I remember being 13 or 14 and watching to see where my beloved Backstreet Boys placed on the countdown. Now I can’t even name one video on the top 10.

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Reality television “stardom” can lead to cash

Like many American television viewers, I have one or two reality television guilty pleasures. Though I sometimes take a few minutes to catch the occasional “Wife Swap” or “Super Nanny,” the show I really enjoy is “America’s Next Top Model.” This season features the show’s first transgender female contestant. Nigel Barker, one of the show’s judges, discusses the contestant in Newsday.

One of the things about the fashion industry, is that there have been many transgender models over the years. It’s very legitimate in our industry,” says “Top Model” judge and “noted fashion photographer” Nigel Barker. “It’s a bit shocking for prime-time TV, but it opens peoples’ eyes.”

And many people who have started out on reality television shows go on to turn themselves into household names, as the Associated Press reports.

Increasingly, reality TV shows are no longer just voyeuristic journeys into the failings of real people, but launching pads for fame-seekers looking to parlay publicity — good or bad — into a career. At a recent open casting call in Costa Mesa, California, a shot at fame

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John Prine to perform in Evansville

John Prine, whose songs include “Paradise,” will be performing in Evansville next month. He has a show scheduled for 8 p.m. Oct. 24 at The Centre at the corner of Locust Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. In downtown Evansville.

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday and can be purchased at Roberts Stadium and The Centre ticket offices, all ticketmaster locations and For more information, call (812) 423-7222.

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‘90210’ makes its debut tonight

The spin-off of the 90s television hit “Beverly Hills 90210” starts tonight. ‘90210’ will be shown at 7 p.m. on the CW. The New York Times reported on what several of the original cast members and creators thought of their show.

In this oral history the principal cast and creative team of “Beverly Hills 90210” and the central players behind the new “90210” recall the unpredictable trajectory of an improbable television franchise.

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Sad day in Hollywood

The man who made the line “In a world …” famous in movie trailers has died. Don LaFontaine  died Monday from complications from pneumothorax, a collapsed lung that causes air to build in the pleural cavity, his agent, Vanessa Gilbert, told “Entertainment Tonight,” CNN reported. His favorite work was one he did for the 1980 film “The Elephant Man,” he said in interviews, but whether the film was Oscar-caliber or a bomb waiting to blow, he handled every assignment equally. He was 68.

Jerry Reed, who starred in several films with Burt Reynolds, also died this week. He died from complications from emphysema Monday, his agent told CNN. He was 71.

Reed was a gifted guitarist who later became a songwriter, singer and actor. As a singer in the 1970s and early 1980s, he had a string of hits that included “Amos Moses,” “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot,” “East Bound and Down” and “The Bird.” In the mid-1970s, he began acting in movies such as “Smokey and the Bandit” with Burt Reynolds, usually as a good ol’ boy. But he was an ornery heavy in “Gator,” directed by Reynolds, and a hateful coach in 1998’s “The Waterboy,” starring Adam Sandler.

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