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Facebook looking for help

There was some drama on Facebook  last week regarding a terms of service change that had Facebook users wondering whether or not the social networking site owned their content, even after people decided to delete their profiles. Facebook then clarified the terms, letting users know their user content was safe after deletion.

Now the social networking site is letting its users help set future Facebook policies. Check out the CNN story  here.


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Bush on Broadway

Will Ferrell, who made his impression of former President George W. Bush famous on “Saturday Night Live,” has brought the president to Broadway. “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night With George W. Bush” opened earlier this month and has already recouped its investment of $2.09 million, according to the New York Times.

According to a review in the newspaper, “this production is less about the legacy of George W. Bush than it is about the comic persona that has been perfected by Will Ferrell. ‘You’re Welcome America’ is a lot like Mr. Ferrell’s more middling movies, not quite on a level with ‘Blades of Glory’ or ‘Talladega Nights.’ Sometimes it’s really funny, and sometimes it sort of sags.” Read the rest of the review here.

From what I read, the show is definitely for mature audiences. Whether you were a fan of the former president or not, I think it’s great that we live in a country where this kind of satire can be presented.

And it seems like Bush supporters will enjoy the show. A self-proclaimed Bush supporter who commented at the end of the article wrote “I was prepared to be insulted but i wasnt. It’s been an american tradition to lampoon our presidents since the days of George Washington.”

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Celebrities and Twitter

Apparently celebrities are the latest folks getting into the Twitter  craze. Check out this New York Times blog post on how celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Shaquille O’Neal  have been using Twitter — just click on their names to see their Twitter feeds. You never know who you are following when it comes to the Internet, but these seem to be reputable. If you find out they aren’t, let me know. Also, I just came across CelebrityTweet, a Web site that tracks celebrity tweeters.

Also, you can follow the Messenger-Inquirer on Twitter here.

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Post Oscars post

I’m not sure why I look forward to the Academy Awards so much. I normally don’t see any of the nominated films before the show airs, so I can’t say who I believe should or shouldn’t have won awards. There’s just something so glamorous about the Oscars that I can’t wait to see them. There weren’t any surprises last night. The only category that seemed remotely up in the air was Best Actor, and Sean Penn was the favorite for that award. I would have loved to hear Mickey Rourke’s acceptance speech, but from what I have read, Penn deserved the Oscar. I was also excited that Kate Winslet finally won an Academy Award.

Once again, I turned to the Los Angeles Times this morning for post-Oscar news. The Envelope: The Awards Insider, an L.A. Times blog, had a lot of post show coverage. Click here to read about the Best & Worst of Oscar night. Here is the newspaper’s coverage of Oscar night fashion.  People magazine also covered the Oscars. Click here  to see what some of the stars did after the ceremony ended.

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Test your Oscar knowledge

Once again, the Los Angeles  Times  is offering some Academy Awards fun. The newspaper posted some Oscar Trivia, and the quiz was pretty challenging.  I am ashamed to admit, I only got three right. If you think you know what three films swept the top five categories (best picture, director, screenplay (original or adapted), actor and actress) and other Oscar trivia, click here.

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Award show freebies

Sure, the highlight of the night for the Academy Award nominees is finding out whether  or not they’re walking home with the golden statute. But for the rest of the people going to the Oscars, there’s usually plenty of freebies and gift bags for them to take home with them.

 CNN  posted an interesting article about what kind of give-a-ways the stars and others in attendance will be taking home Sunday night. Apparently some vendors are scaling back because of the economy. Check it out here.

CNN also has an awesome Web site dedicated to the Oscars. Click here to visit it.

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More Oscar predictions from the L.A. Times

I know I’ve been linking to the Los Angeles Times  a lot lately, but the newspaper has such insightful coverage of the Oscars, I’ve been reading it a lot.

Earlier today, I read Scott Feinberg’s take on potential Oscar upsets. He ranked who were the most likely to upset the favorites for Best Actor and Actress and Best Supporting Actor and Actress on his blog, the Feinberg Files. Click here  to read his thoughts on the potential for upsets.

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