Post Oscars post

I’m not sure why I look forward to the Academy Awards so much. I normally don’t see any of the nominated films before the show airs, so I can’t say who I believe should or shouldn’t have won awards. There’s just something so glamorous about the Oscars that I can’t wait to see them. There weren’t any surprises last night. The only category that seemed remotely up in the air was Best Actor, and Sean Penn was the favorite for that award. I would have loved to hear Mickey Rourke’s acceptance speech, but from what I have read, Penn deserved the Oscar. I was also excited that Kate Winslet finally won an Academy Award.

Once again, I turned to the Los Angeles Times this morning for post-Oscar news. The Envelope: The Awards Insider, an L.A. Times blog, had a lot of post show coverage. Click here to read about the Best & Worst of Oscar night. Here is the newspaper’s coverage of Oscar night fashion.  People magazine also covered the Oscars. Click here  to see what some of the stars did after the ceremony ended.


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