‘The Biggest Loser’ called out for faking marathon

Typically, the only time I catch any of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”  is if I turn to the station a few minutes before my favorite TV show, “Law and Order: SVU” starts. Last Tuesday, I happened to catch the entire episode where Dane was voted off.

At the very end of each episode, us viewers get to see an update on how the voted off person is doing. It was a pretty inspiring video of Dane. It showed him completing a marathon with his wife. The problem? A field producer of the show drove him for about three of the miles so he would be able to cross the finish line, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The newspaper reported:

But it turns out that an overeager field producer who was following Dane on race day realized that “The Biggest Loser” contestant would not finish the marathon by the six-hour cutoff time, which in turn meant that the producer would not get the footage of Dane crossing the finish line in personal victory…

I don’t know why producers thought they had to do that. I would think that even if Dane didn’t complete the marathon within six hours, they could have still gotten footage of him completing the course. That would have still been inspiring. Oh the drama of reality television …


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