Drama on Reality TV

I don’t watch “The Bachelor.” I’m a sucker for a few reality shows. I love “America’s Next Top Model.” Actually, I think that’s the’ only reality show I watch with any regularity, but I digress.

Apparently “The Bachelor” is one of the more popular reality shows out there, and the Internet has been abuzz since Monday’s night’s finale and “After the Rose” special where bachelor Jason Mesnick backed out of his proposal to Melissa Rycroft, dumping her on TV for runner-up Molly Malaney. So now Mesnick is apparently dating Malaney and people are calling Mesnick all kinds of bad things. There are several interviews and comments from Mesnick all over the Internet, but I found this interview he did with the Los Angeles Times one of the more interesting ones:

L.A. Times: Was there any discussion between you and Melissa about how this might play out on TV since you say you had ended things on the phone beforehand?
Mesnick : No. Her response had been, “How do you want me to react to that?” I wasn’t going to coach her. I just told her that we were going to talk about things again [on the show] and however she felt is how she was going to react. I’m never going to tell anyone what to say.

Check out the rest of the interview here.



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