Team trivia

One of my favorite things to do when I am in Louisville is play team trivia. Now, when I mention team trivia to Owensboro residents, they remind me about the electronic trivia games that several restaurants in town host. While I enjoy those games, team trivia is different — at least the team trivia I have played at a pizza joint in Louisville.

Team trivia pits teams of friends (often as many friends as you can fit around a table) against each other. A moderator asks the question, and teams have the length of a song to answer the question. The Louisville Courier-Journal  recently published a story about team trivia. To check out that story, click here. The writer also listed 10 sample questions from trivia nights she attended, which can be read here. I’m too ashamed to admit how poorly I did. I need a chance to brush up my trivia knowledge. If something like this is going on in Owensboro — or starts up —  let me know.


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