American Idol mania

Entertainment journalism is still buzzing with the shock that Kris Allen beat out Adam Lambert to be the next “American Idol.” I tuned into the last 20 minutes of the show last night. To me, the biggest disappointment was Rod Stewart’s performance. I wonder if he was having throat issues.

But I digress. The L.A. Times, once again, had a lot of coverage of last night’s show. Click here for a photo gallery of celebrities who turned out for the finals (complete with snarky comments in the captions).

The L.A. Times also reported that viewership for the finals was down 13 percent from last year. To read more about the ratings, click here.

CNN reported on fan reaction to the finals and other Idol highlights. Click here  to read more. Oh, and to see how the New York Times weighed in, click here and here.


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One response to “American Idol mania

  1. knight man

    Rod’s main issue is that he is getting old. I would guess he would be around 67 years old. Knight man

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