Grammys held in Los Angeles on Sunday

CBS broadcast the annual Grammy Awards ceremony last night. For once, I caught an award show in its entirety.  I’m tired of the over-the-top theatrics that Pink and Lady Gaga (among others) use. Most people want to see a show, I suppose, but often times, the theatrics overshadow the singing. I think a highlight of the Grammys are the collaborations — such as the ones featuring Lady Gaga and Elton John or Mary J. Blige with Andrea Bocelli.

I also didn’t realize I would need 3-D glasses for the Michael Jackson tribute featuring Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson and Usher. The performance was actually pretty understated. There were some 3-D images on the screens behind the performers as they sang “Earth Song.”

Check out the Los Angeles Times’ The Envelope for more on the night, including commentary and pictures.


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