‘Alice in Wonderland’ comes out next week

Johnny Depp‘s latest film, Alice in Wonderland, will be released on March 5. The New York Times has an interesting story on the movie, including insight on how it deviates from the original book and Disney cartoon.



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One response to “‘Alice in Wonderland’ comes out next week

  1. On its release last year I couldn’t find much to fault Avatar on. But after watching Alice – the first serious CGI-dominated 3D film since James Cameron’s immersive motion picture – there’s now a glaring issue with it: the bar was set waaay too high. Previously the computer generated effects in Alice would have knocked your socks off, however in a post-Avatar world it significantly underwhelms. Not an overly fair statement for a film which has consistently beautiful and detailed images – take the awe-inspiring climactic clash which is set on a chess board-esquire battlefield for example – but you can thank Cameron for that. Once you get past the fact that Burton’s creation does not aim to achieve realistic environments or creatures and that the actors will never appear to be anywhere other than in front of a green screen, you are in good stead to enjoy the colourful animation for what it was intended for: pure, undemanding, trippy wonderment.

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