The best time-waster on the Internet

If you’re ever bored or have a few minutes to kill, check out Sporcle. The website features thousands of quizzes in a plethora of categories. Players have an amount of time to complete a quiz. Sometimes, the quiz has you filling in the blanks; other times, you are answering questions.

The most popular quiz on the website is the United States tests. It has been played more than 3 million times, and the player has to name all 50 states in 10 minutes or less.

Sporcle also lists newly added quizzes on its homepage. This morning, I did Can you name the historical figures from Tweets they might have sent? Disappointingly, I only got 12 of 19 right.

I also enjoy the music quizzes. There are several that use sound clips, and you have a 3 to 10 second clip to determine the song. Sporcle has disrupted my plans to go to bed early on more than one occasion.


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